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    Correlational Study of Risk Management and Information Technology Project Success: A Must Read for IT Managers and Project Stakeholders

    A must read for project management professionals, managers and stakeholders who want to better understand what impacts IT project success the most in order to achieve more favorable project results. Since many IT projects fail to fully meet original goals, examination of project risk management tools and techniques will help to inform and educate the reader on important topics within this often misunderstood body of knowledge.


    This book addresses the effectiveness of utilizing project risk management processes as they correlate to improved IT project success, based on a research study and survey of nearly 100 project management professionals. After reading this book, you will take away specific and concrete evidence that emphasizes which project risk management tools and techniques often correlate with project success, irrespective of a project manager's level of education, experience or type of certification.


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    Server Virtualization: A Cost Savings Strategy

    A Cost Savings Strategy

    Not everyone has the time to do the research and examine an unbiased look at trends within server virtualization efforts and to then realize the resulting impact on bottom-line business results.


    This book, Server Virtualization: A Cost Savings Strategy, is a must read for project managers, groups, or organizations who are investigating server virtualization within their computing environments, particularly as applied to emerging applications.


    This book will help stakeholders and customers alike make better-informed decisions when considering ways to maximize IT funds in order to reach specific funding objectives. In addition, this book will help provide an overview and background on server virtualization for those needing more information before moving forward with virtualization efforts.


    After reading Server Virtualization: A Cost Savings Strategy, the reader will be able to make better-informed decisions when considering the ultimate implementation of virtualization within their environment.


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    Risk Management: An Enterprise Dilemma

    An Enterprise Dilemma

    LThis book, Risk Management: An Enterprise Dilemma, is a must-read for individuals, teams or organizations interested in practicing or investigating a mixed methods approach to Enterprise Risk Management (EPM).


    The content of this book provides both a theoretical and practical overview of EPM which few other resources offer. The reader will be better able to speak to the importance of EPM to stakeholders and have the needed vocabulary to explain or implement EPM processes through review of six common risk management processes described in detail within the book.


    In addition, the reader will be better able to determine if EPM is a fit for their organization, as well as helping them to jump-start needed research into alternative best practices outside of the examples given.


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    Cultural Change: Sarbanes-Oxley and Information Technology

    Sarbanes-Oxley and Information Technology

    This book, Cultural Change: Sarbanes-Oxley and Information Technology, is for people, groups, or organizations impacted by the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulation passed in the United States.


    In particular, the author looks at the relationship between Information Technology and Sarbanes-Oxley, and the ultimate opportunity to improve IT despite the constraints SOX places on organizations. This understanding allows the reader to improve communication with executives and management and better argue the pros and cons of SOX despite transformational changes required within the context of Information Technology.


    The reader will ultimately have a fuller understand of SOX compliance within the context of Information Technology, thus helping to gain the support needed to move forward within organizations that may be initially reluctant or skeptical about making needed changes.


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